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I’m sharing this from my other site Confessions of a Gluten Free Mom. I have been incorporating these products into my diet, and my kids diet for over a year and it’s been phenomenal. We have been benefitting so much! Read on below for why its so awesome! And if you have any questions on how to get it, get rebates or anything else, feel free to email me at:
isagenix protein shakes

I’ve personally been drinking protein shakes for close to 7 years.  I have always needed that extra boost of protein whether it be after a workout or for a breakfast meal.  I loyally used the same brand of shakes for al those years. My reason? They had very few ingredients in them.  It was whey protein, cocoa powder, stevia and soy lecithin. They were a low carb, sugar free option that were 120 calories.

Fast forward to now and I’ve since learned that having 4 ingredients versus 25 ingredients doesn’t make one better than the other.  It’s all about the quality of the ingredients, the source and what may or may not be lacking in there.  Meaning, my previous shakes were not a healthy meal replacement, didn’t have any vitamins or minerals or digestive enzymes…just straight protein.  And not to mention very expensive once I added in all these extra ingredients so that it actually tasted good.


Let me give a bit of background information that will help you understand where I am coming from and why this post is so important to me and my family.  I have a degree in Health & Fitness Education. I’ve taken countless Nutrition Classes as well as classes from Exercise Physiology to Gerontology.  To keep my teachers license current, I actually have to continually take nutrition and health classes every few years to keep up with the current information as well as keep my mind fresh in this area.  I have loved learning about nutrition over the years and it is such a huge passion of mine. So when I found these new shakes I was floored. There was literally no comparison to my old shakes. Secondly, my son who recently turned 3 years old was diagnosed with Autism in 2014.  As with most autistic kids they are picky eaters and don’t get many nutrients in their diet. My son also has sensory and texture issues that inhibit him from trying new foods or even old ones he used to like. As you can imagine, it is very difficult to get him to eat anything healthy. His current diet consists of Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches, popcorn, nitrate free sausage and cliff bars. The one thing that he WILL drink (Thank goodness!!) is chocolate shakes. I’m sure you can imagine me literally jumping for joy when I found these high quality, organic, non-gmo protein shakes that were SAFE for kids. Not only that, but they include 23 vitamins and minerals, have digestive enzymes and 8 grams of fiber. They are a complete meal replacement! I felt like I had struck gold because my son LOVES them. He will drink everything in his cup, and not even notice the super green foods or powdered minerals I add into it. Studies have shown for a long time that Autistic individuals have a gut to brain connection. Meaning, their nutrition directly affects their brain and how they function.  I have other mom friends that have given these highly nutritions protein shakes to their ASD kids and they have shown an improvement in focus and behavior. {ORDER KID’S FRIENDLY SHAKES HERE}

isagenix kids protein shakes

They are called IsaLean Protein Shakes, made by the Isagenix company.  I started taking the products at the end of March in 2015 because I have had some mom friends try it with great results. So once I found out that they were safe for kids, I immediately started giving them to mine! Both my son and my daughter love these Isa Lean shakes, as do I! I love that they are getting all the benefits that no other protein shake supplement out there can offer.

Not only are they GLUTEN FREE and SOY FREE, but they are safe for pregnant and nursing moms! Check out the ingredients, there are no artificial sugars, colors or additives. They come in chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. They are also formulated to work just with water and still be tasty. I prefer to mix mine crushed ice, a bit of coconut/almond milk, a dash of stevia and some water.  And best of all, these give you amazing energy. We will be hooked on these for life!!  (They also offer a dairy free shake for those who are intolerant). You can purchase these here. If you have any questions and would like to know how to get these shakes and products for FREE, email me at

isagenix kids protein shake chocolate
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Transformation Tuesday Shout out!

Natalie Transformation Health Challenge

Today’s post is dedicated to the awesome Natalie H! Here is her story:

Before being introduced to the system by a friend, Natalie was overweight and uncomfortable in her own skin. It seemed everything she was taught as a competitive athlete was not working anymore. Adding to her frustrations was the photography business she started so she could stay home with her son. 

“My business was floundering and it was taxing my relationship with my ever-supportive husband,” shares Natalie. “I was feeling like a failure as a mom, like a wife with no zest for life, and a partner with no financial contribution.” 

Desperate for change, Natalie took a chance and purchased her first box of products with a credit card. After 10 days of integrating the products into her healthy eating lifestyle she felt amazing energy and the weight was falling off. And after a short period of time, she was already down 12 pounds and 19 inches. She saw massive results in just 16 weeks and was able to earn enough money to get her products paid for!

“The Challenge provided me the support to stay accountable. I could plug in my results and see weight getting lower and the inches getting smaller,” shares Natalie. “And the $200 worth of free products is such a great incentive.”  

The best part of using this system is the support group and individuals that help along the way!! 

Super Greens Powder

Super Greens Powder
I have tried lots of super green powders, all of which tasted grassy. This is the first one I’ve had that is different and delicious. It has a hint of cinnamon and pineapple to it. My kids don’t even know I add it to their (kid safe) protein shakes! I am at the point now that I won’t drink my shakes without these greens! They are a must!

Here are some facts and info on them:

  • Antioxidant-rich ingredients include ginkgo biloba leaf, green tea extract and grape seed extract to help your body fight the damaging effects of free radicals, which can potentially endanger cells and weaken your immune system.
  • Just 30 calories per serving, it is low in calories, but packed with nutrients, so you get maximum nutrition with minimal calories.
  • Infuses your body with the right components for balanced digestion and natural detoxification.
  • Boosts your body’s natural ability to neutralize common pollutants prevalent in air, water and food with powerful detoxifiers including chlorella, spirulina and wheat grass, among its supergreens.
  • Compliments your daily requirement of 3 – 5 servings of vegetables, so it’s easy to get the nutrition your body needs even on busy days. It’s fast and convenient—just add a scoop to 8 oz. of water or juice.
  • Are naturally spray-dried and cold-processed to preserve the potency of phytonutrients, so you can take your health and energy to new levels.
  • Includes: Spirulina, Barley Grass, Wheat Grass, Green Tea Extract, Bilberry Berry Extract, Chlorella, Gingko Biloba, Parsley, Dulse, Red Beet Root, Dandelion Root, Astragalus, Broccoli Aerial, Cilantro, Milk Thistle Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Chia Seed, Maitake, Shiitake, Coenzyme Q-10, Papaya, Pineapple Juice, Tomato, Carrot Root, Bamboo Shoot, Brussels Sprout, and Ionic Alfalfa™–a proprietary blend of essential minerals.


*This is from an amazing health and wellness company. You can purchase any of these products that I love, use and recommend here. Or if you’d like to learn how to get your products for free, or start your own business contact me at: