Ellie Monthly Subscription Box Review

May 5, 2017

Who doesn’t love stylish and adorable workout clothes? I am obsessed with all things cute + fitness. Hence my search for a great subscription box featuring stylish apparel at a good price. After doing a search, Ellie was the first one to come up. I checked them out on Instagram and was impressed by the cute clothing choices they put out each month.

Here is how it works. You sign up for a subscription at Ellie and tell them your preferred sizes. Once you set up your subscription, they will send you a monthly box with 5 items for $49.95. They will do a sneak peek at the beginning of every month so you can decide if you want it or not. They do offer the option to cancel or skip the box that month.

Your pretty and shiny box shows up on your doorstep. Once opened, you’ll find an Ellie cinch sack that has all the items inside. Your usual box will have a sports bra, a top, leggings or capris, some type of accessory and a piece of equipment. Now keep in mind you may receive an alternate item. They let you know up front in their FAQs that they don’t guarantee that every customer will receive the exact same item. If they do sell through a certain style, they will substitute it with something that’s super similar and as close to the original as possible. That is totally reasonable in my opinion. In fact, my first month was March and I didn’t get the same blue tank that they displayed on IG. However, I really liked the alternative version they sent me. Same with the month of April, I got a cute pink tank that wasn’t the original one..but I liked it MORE!

So far I’ve had a March box (themed blue) and I loved it. No problems! I’ve had an April box, and I’ve got my May box which is probably my most favorite of all. The items just get cuter and cuter.

Each month, they curate a unique matching outfit, except this month (MAY) each box will feature the same color scheme but with varying styles!

Ellie may Box blog review

All in all, I’ve been extremely happy with this subscription service, and I would recommend it to a friend. I do want to address some of the comments on social media. I’ve read unhappy comments about not being able to cancel, skip or just get in touch in general. First of all, the best way that Ellie recommends getting in touch with them is, to private message them on Instagram. You can also email, but I believe IG is faster. Second of all, give it some time. They are extremely busy and they may take more than 48 hours to respond. I had something that I needed resolving and they responded within a few days. In this day and age, everyone expects instant gratification and that is not how businesses work. Also, some of the not so happy comments would have never existed had they read through the information and FAQ’s on the website. So do yourself a favor, go through and read everything, that way you know what to expect. They want to resolve any questions or concerns as soon as they can, so give them some time to respond.

Feel free to check them out on Instagram at @EllieActivwear

A few more photos and angles of my May box! Can’t wait for next month!

Ellie Subscription Fitness Activewear Box



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